Two-Step Verification on LinkedIn

Following Microsoft, Apple, Evernote and others, LinkedIn has now enabled two-step verification.

Their iOS mobile app experience could be better (for now: you have to login with your password, get the one-time sms code, then concatenate it with your password for you to complete your login) . I'm sure future updates to the app will fix that...

Good to see multi-factor authentication take off in a big way. I hope that FIDO gains good adoption in the months and years to follow ...

Security Development Conference 2013

If you are attending the Security Development Conference next week, please be sure to check out the talk titled "Tales from the Trenches: Rollout of Static Analysis Tools for Large Enterprises".

My colleague, Rick Marvin and I will be the co-speakers at this talk. While security relies on multiple practices of SDL, we mostly focus on one practice: Static Analysis. From real-life experience, we discuss what worked, what proved challenging and provide actionable rollout tips for security practitioners.